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Theatre Tax Relief Calculation

That’s the big question: how to calculate Theatre Tax Relief?

It is not that difficult, it requires to calculate which part of the expenditure qualifies (i.e. the “core expenditure“), and to apply the right percentage to that expenditure, whether it is a touring production or not.

Theatre Tax Relief calculations are very easy!

Theatre Tax Reliefs rates

There are two rates:

  • 20% for touring productions
  • 25% for non-touring productions

How to Calculate Theatre Tax Relief

The most simple calculation is going to be for a non-touring production:

relief = core expenditure x 80% x 20%

This is just a very basic calculation to illustrate how the tax credit is processed, please read our comprehensive examples.

Profit or not profit?

The calculation actually depends on whether your production has made a profit or not.

Please go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to get all the details on how to calculate Theatre Tax Relief.